DO you need a mortgage?

When individuals are thinking of taking a mortgage, it is always best to have a number in mind that suits your current situation. This can be found by reviewing your finances, expenses and income to figure out the best bracket that will serve you and your family in the long term. Read our FAQs.

Individuals can then compare mortgage rates found online first to get a feel with the current rates.These rates change everyday and often can be useful for individuals to monitor the mortgage rates for a least a few months before hand in order to keep track of the rates. This will allow individuals to recognize when the rates are at it’s lowest or highest to determine when to get a mortgage loan.

Compare Mortgage Rates For First Time Buyers in the UK

First time home buyers in the UK should compare mortgage rates with the new 95% loan to value (LTV) mortgages, which are designed to make it easier for first time buyers to purchase a home in an environment where prices are still falling. Some critics suspect that the return of 95% LTV mortgages in a falling price environment could prove to be a “honeytrap” for first time buyers, tempting them to pay more today than these properties will fetch next year.

However, the property market in the UK has proved remarkably resilient, even during the financial crisis, and has delivered substantial tax-free profits to most medium and long term investors. The new mortgage offer requires regular savings before application for the mortgage. It can be compared with similar offers by other building societies. Read our guide to buying a property.

Other Property Loan Options

For small scale renovations and large scale housing projects, a specialist property development loan is the best option. We recommend using a private lender who specialises in residential developments in London. See how much you could borrow.

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